Archaeological Museum - AQUAE IASAE

The Latest Archaeological Discoveries In Varaždinske Toplice


About the project:

Archaeological Museum in Zagreb and Legame Studio for the first time in Croatia presented the results of archaeological research using the equipment for virtual reality that allows users to experience how the historical sites looked in Roman times. Visitors through virtual glasses can see a specially prepared 3D animation and virtual tour of Aquae Iasae sanctuary .

About the exhibition:

The Section for the Museum Education and Cultural Action of the Croatian Museum Association has been organizing educational actions to mark the International Museum Day for the last seventeen years. This year’s topic for this action is water. The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb takes care of the Aquae Iasae Archaeological Park in Varaždinske Toplice. As much as 60 years ago it was ascertained by archaeological investigations that the important Roman settlement of Aquae Iasae had been built around the thermal spring in the area of present-day Varaždinske Toplice. There had been a settlement around the spring even before the arrival of the Romans, inhabited by the Pannonian tribe of the Iasi. This points to a continuity of use of the healing water and the existence of a spa town from prehistory to the present. In this year’s educational action, through this educational-interactive exhibition the visitors can acquaint themselves with the baths built by the Romans in the area of present-day Varaždinske Toplice.

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