Drag Race - Fast & Furious - Powered by CIAK Auto

360° video of the VR gaming zone

360° VIDEO – Use your mouse or keys W, A, S and D to move within a video:

About the project:

With the sponsorship of CIAK Auto, Asus, Logitech and Samsung, Legame Studio presented the various forms of virtual reality for all visitors. In the event we were engaged with all the best devices for virtual reality at the moment – Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive. Visitors were able to experience the underwater experience, race cars in virtual reality or take a try as an automechanic.

About the event:

The fastest cars from across the region have shown the power of their engines 4 and 5 of July, 2016, on the track with length of 402 meters, and in addition to exciting racing visitors were welcomed with competition in car audio systems strength, the selection of Street Style for special tuned cars, concert of the group Vatra and many other supporting activities.

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