Virtual reality in fashion

360° VIDEO – Use your mouse or keys W, A, S and D to move within a video:

360° VIDEO – Use your mouse or keys W, A, S and D to move within a video:


* informative video of event. Source: FASHION.HR

About the project:

For the first time in Croatia the world of fashion was presented in the virtual reality. Using the latest technology of 360° video recording, which was combined with a specially designed motorized system, we were able to capture memorable moments without disturbing the delicate process that takes place during the fashion shows.

On this occasion, we recorded two 360° videos. Taking the first video took even 7 consecutive days, and that footage was used to create a 2-minute timelapse to give the impression of a rapid assembly of complete construction. This is one of the few videos in the world of this type and it shows that we can successfully do plan and execute even the most complex 360 ° video projects.

About the event:

The true virtual revolution took place in the latest edition of Fashion Week during which the fashion content filmed innovative 360​​° VR technology, which was first presented to the public at the launch FASHION.HR Virtual Reality exclusive event. Thanks to the 360° ​​cameras that were placed on the runway, viewers now have the opportunity to experience a unique subjective experience of fashion, as if they themselves were witnesses to that event.

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