360° video of SFeraKon convention

360° VIDEO – Use your mouse or keys W, A, S and D to move within a video:

About the project:

With the sponsorship of Asus, Samsung and SFeraKon organization, Legame Studio had presented a virtual reality for all visitors, a 360° video of SFeraKon Convention is also the result of this cooperation. With the help of technology for 360° video recording, we managed to capture this beautiful convention the way that could not be achieved with traditional recordings. This 360° video shows how immersive the experience shot with this technology can be.

About the event:

SFeraKon is a science fiction convention, the first in the region, which continues the tradition of fairs of science fiction, of which the first was held in 1977. Convention was named SFeraKon in 1983 and since then is maintained without interruption.

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